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About VallabhNidhi

Shri Vallabhnidhi Trust was founded by Vishva Vandaniya Param Pujya Sukswarup Shri Krushna Sankar Shastrji (pujya Dadaji) since the year 1969. The activities of trust are carried on at:

  • Juhu at Mumbai
  • Champaran at Chattisgarh
  • Pushti Dakshin Vrajdham at Rameshwar, Tamil Nadu
  • Sola at Ahmedabad

The primary object of the trust is to promote and encourage the activities of a) Seva b) Sanskar and Shikshan c) Healthcare, among the devotees.

In year 1986 with the initiatives and efforts of Param Pujya Shri Krishna Shankar Shastriji, a Govardhanji Temple was constructed at 10th Road Juhu scheme Vile Parle (West). Mumbai 400049 by Shri Vallabhnidhi Trust.

The khat Muharat of the temple and the Pran Prathisthan of all the deities including main deities shri Govardhan Nathji, Shri Yamuna Maharaniji and Shri Maha Prabhuji was done by Prata Smarniya Param Pujya Shri Ramchandra Dongreji Maharaj. The other deities in the temple are Shri Ganeshji, Shitla Mataji, Shri Ram-Laxman-Jankiji, Shri Ambe Mataji, Shri Hanumanji, Shri Mahadevji, Shri Swaminarayan Bhagwan & Shri Gunatitanand Swamiji and Shri Girirajji.

The entire Juhu complex is known as Valia Chaganlal Laljibhai Prarthna Prasad. It interalia comprises of:

  1. Air Conditioned Darshn Kunj on Ground Floor
  2. Shrimati Krishnakumari Ramsaran Agarwal Satsang Hall, an Air Conditioned Hall at First Floor
  3. Shri Krushna Prem Svadhaya Niketan, an Air Conditioned Satsang Hall at Second Floor
  4. Residence for Mukhiyaji ( Main Priest) and for other Staff, Kitchen for Thakorji, Store Room &
  5. Amidas Bhaidas Parekh Medical Centre on ground floor

The activities carried out at Prarthna Prasad are as follows:

  • Aarti & Darshan of Various sama's of Thakorji Shri Gowardhanathji and other deities
  • Celeberating all the utsavas through out the year (Utsav Calendar)
  • Running of Amidas Bhaidas Parekh Medical Centre
    • Providing homeopathy and allopathy medicines
    • Conducting medical camps for health check up
    • Organizing health care related Lecture through various doctors to educate people
  • Conducting yoga classes every weekdays
  • Conducting different classes for Thakorji's Seva
  • Phool-Mala making classes
  • Classes for Pavitra making and other related abhushan for Thakorji
  • Encouraging and promoting skills of Sevarthees for Sajawat of Thakorji and decoration of temple during Utsav
  • Conducting Kirtan Classes
  • Conducting classes on Bhagwad Gita , Shrimad Bhagwat, Sanskrit Language, and Astrology
  • Under the banner of Adhyatmic Chintanmala, regularly organizing Bhajans and Pravachans of distinguished Bhajaniks and Speakers on various spiritual subjects like Vedas and upnishadas, Bhagwat Gita, Vallabh Vedant etc. Shrimad Bhagwan Saptah, Kathas, Pravachans are arranged in the Satsang Hall.

Most of the activities and Utsvas of the Trust are sponsored & promoted by various Sevarthies and Manorathies from time to time.

Champaranya at Chattisgadh

It is the Janma Bhoomi (Birth Place) of Shrimad Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji.
The trust has a Dharmashala known as Kardam Ashram Atitheyam having 154 rooms for the stay for the Vaishnavs.
At Champaran, Netra Yagna (cataract operations), Polio Camps and other medical Camp are conducted regularly by the Trust.
Next to Champeshwar Mahadev Temple at Champran, the Vallabhnidhi Trust has developed a Sarvottam Van (forest) in 16.5 acres of land and has planted about 15000 trees like Saag, various fruits and herbs having medicinal value. With 108 Sarvottam Chitraji's and 108 Bethakji chitraji's this place has become a spot of Tourist Attraction in Champaran.

Pushti Dakshin Vrajdham at Rameshwar, Tamilnadu

This Recently the Vallabhinidhi Trust has constructed "Pushti Dakshin Vrajdham" in Rameshwar at Tamilnaidu, which is also a Mahaprabhuji Bethakji.
This vrajdham is situated between the Ramkund on the East and the ancient Ram Temple on its north with common boundaries. This is the only Bethakji where the vaishnavs can have pleasure of Darshan and Seva of Shri Nathaji and Shri Yamuna Maharaniji along with Mahaprubhuji Bethakji. The Darshan Kunj of Bethakji also has the Statue of Shri Krushna Sankar Shastrji. The work of Katha Mandap is now Completed. The Pushti Dakshin Vrajdham Complex known as Ramchandra Seva Sankul has facility of:

  • A/c and Non A/c accommodation
  • Prasadam
  • Savtiaben & Ratilal Desai Katha Madap for kathas and Pravachans
  • Arrangement for performing rituals
  • The Beautiful Lilipond with water fountain the centre with Four statue on four corner of Lilipond holding a pot with water flowing through it in to the pond adds the Beauty of the Entire complex.

Sola Ahmedabad

The Registered office of Shri Vallabhnidhi Trust is situated at, Shri Bhagwat Vidyapith, Krishna Dham, Sola, Ahmedabad.- 3800060.
Bhagwat Vidyapith Sola, a trust also founded by Param Pujya shri Krushna Shankar Shastriji has amongst others, Shri Rasraj Prabhuji, Shri Yammuna Maharaniji and Mahaprabhuji Temple, Hospital, School and Colleges. About 350-400 students are getting lodging, boarding and Vedic Education free of cost.

Present trustees of Vallabhnidhi Trust are:

  • Shri Bhagwatrushi K Shastri - Ahmedabad
  • Shri Indrakantbhai Trikamlal - Ahmedabad
  • Shri Narendrabhai D. Pathak - Ahmedabad
  • Shri Jethalal C Valia - Mumbai
  • Shri Harshadbhai C Valia - Mumbai
  • Smt Meenaxiben k Mehta - Mumbai
  • Shri Jayantbhai A. Parekh - Mumbai
  • Shri Hirabhai Sanghvi - Halol
  • Shri Kantubhai Babaria - Raipur
  • Shri Ashokbhai N. Gandhi - Raj Nand Gaon
  • Shri Arvindbhai T. Doshi - Dhamtari
  • Shri Mansukhbhai U. Kataria - Calcutta
  • Shri Vinodbhai L. Kansara - Morbi



Shri Vallabhnidhi Trust

Valia Chaganlal Laljibhai Prarthna Prasad

N. S. Road No. 10th Road JVPD Scheme,
Vile Parle (West ), Mumbai - 400 059.

Hasmukhbhai Joshi – Mukhiyaji (Main Preist)
Prakashbhai Joshi - Mkhiyaji

Tel: 022-26205559


Pushti Dakshin Vrajdham at Tamilnadu

Shri Vallabhnidhi Trust
Shri Ramchandra Seva Sankul
Ramar Tirtham, N.H. No.49,
Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu - 623526.


Pramodbhai Goradia – Manager
Arvindbhai - Mukhiyaji

Tel: 04573 - 221888 Mob: 09543690140















Shri Vallabhnidhi Trust

Kardam Ashram, Atithyeyam, Champaranya, Raipur,

Chhattisgadh - 483885.


Shri Kantubhai Babaria (Trustee) - 09329104488
Shri Ashokbhai N. Gandhi (Trustee) - 09425213764
Shri Arvindbhai T. Doshi (Trustee) - 09425240278

Tel: 0771 - 2777105



Shri Vallabhnidhi Trust
H.O. Shri Bhagwat Vidyapith, Krushnadham, Sola
Ahemdabad – 3800060.


Contact: Narendrabhai D. Pathak


Tel: 27663839Fax: 079-27663101
Email ID: srijibawa@yahoo.com